Tuesday, July 20, 2010


He and I did his usual bed-time routine. We read a story, did hugs and kisses, and then he took great pride in having me leave the room while he turned out his light, closed his door and then climbed into his crib.

Instead of drifting off into dreams, he was restless and called for me. I went into his room and he wanted more loves, more snuggles, more kisses . . . and then he asks me,

"Mom, can you sleep with me?"

No big boy, I can't sleep with you.

"Why not?"

Well, your bed is too little for me and you.

"It's not. Can you please sleep with me?"

Sweetheart, I wish I could.

"Well, can I sleep with you in yours and Daddy's big bed?" (never, never, never has he wanted to do this. Even when he's been sick, and I brought him into our room, he still didn't want to sleep in our bed)

You know this is your bed . . . and you like your bed.

"I do, but can you just sleep with me?"


My heart may have melted a little bit there.

Tomorrow that boy will get his own big-boy bed, and he will age approximately 10 years as soon as I see his tiny little frame sleeping in it.

I'm off to dreams myself, but tonight I just wanted to take a minute to jot down this tale. I know there will come a day when he doesn't want much to do with me, and these moments . . . well, it's these moments that make my heart smile, and I love that.

I'm looking forward to laying down with him in his big-boy-bed and reading stories and giving loves and snuggles and kisses.

I hope he is too.

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