Sunday, August 1, 2010


We met some friends of ours in the park a few weekends ago and decided to take pictures of each other's families. Here are some of my favorites that my buddy Jason Pingel took of my family. I've posted some of my favorites of his family on my photoblog if you are interested in checking those out.

Us: All of Us.


I love this one.

Dirck and I.


I love this one too.

My boy and I.


I know there will be a day when he won't kiss me, but it's just so natural for him to kiss me right now. I love that. . . and this picture . . . and him.

My girl and I.


She's becoming such a little independent stinker! It's good though, and she by far has the most animated expressions of all of us. I love that . . . and these pictures . . . and her.

I'm so thankful to finally have some new pictures of my family. I'm so grateful to have another photo-enthusiast friend in the area that was willing to meet up on one of the hottest & most humid days of the year for a few pictures.


Cathy said...

Great pictures. Good idea. It's wonderful to get pictures of everyone together.

candacesoon said...

Wow...these are stunning!I love the processing and just everything about them.