Tuesday, October 19, 2010

About The Girl

A few random thoughts today about my little lady:


She recently started liking her baby dolls. Up until recently it was only stuffed animals - now she likes to carry her "bee-bee" around in her arms and rock it to sleep in her chair in her room.

She's a hugger. Man, is she ever a hugger . . . and a snuggler. I love that and desperately hope she never grows out of that phase.

Her language skills are exploding. She is such a little talker and very curious. . . "Mama, What are you doing?" is one of my favorite things to hear her say. She enunciates every little syllable and it sounds so stinkin' cute.

She (and my boy too) are loving the Toy Story movies right now. Toy Story 2 is the current favorite (and Toy Story 3 will be wrapped under the tree for Christmas). She's partial to Buzz Lightyear and only refers to Woody as "the Cowboy."

She still loves her blankie. She must have it close at all times.

She's growing too fast. Just yesterday she was a tiny little baby, and today, she's running ahead of me and telling me she can do everything herself . . . "I can do it, Mama."

And I love her more than I ever thought I could love a little lady . . . ever . . . so much so that I can randomly tear up at the thought of her or how sweet she was or something she said.

Will Motherhood always be this emotional? . . . and wonderful?

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