Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Saddest Thing

I try to do at least one fun kid-friendly thing with the kiddos each weekend.

The weekend before Halloween, I came across a flyer for our local Bass Pro Shop. They were advertising a "kid's area" complete with the "Great Pumpkin Patch" from the Peanuts Comics.
Actually, I think the flyer said something like . . . "come meet the Peanuts gang and have your picture taken in the Great Pumpkin Patch." What a perfect pre-Halloween thing to do with the kiddos (i thought).


Oh, goodness. This was the saddest little display with the most pitiful little cardboard cutouts. My kiddos were anxiously anticipating a "surprise," so imagine my disappointment (and theirs) when we arrived and this cardboard/folded plastic backdrop was the only "Great Pumpkin Patch" around. And my kids kept asking when they were going to get their "surprise."

Poor babes. I'm still laughing about it . . . a little bit. This sad, pitiful picture mirrors the pitiful little backdrop just perfectly.

Bass Pro, you say? In my defense, I took my kids to see Santa at the same Bass Pro Shop (it was recommended by a friend), and it was amazing . . . games for the kids, Santa and a Santa's workshop complete with art activities and toys to play with while they waited for Santa.

I really was expecting big things from this "Great" Pumpkin Patch. *sigh*

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