Saturday, January 22, 2011

A 4-Year-Old and a Monster Truck

He's "officially" a big boy.

He was convinced that he was going to grow instantly when he turned 4. He was a little disappointed when he was sitting at breakfast on the day of his birthday. He announced to me that he could not reach any higher than he had the night before when he was only 3. His reasoning for this is that it must not happen until after he has his birthday cookie with his friends at school. I gotta say, I love the way his mind works! And yes, when he got home, he informed me that he could, in fact, reach higher.

So, what does a big 4 year old request for his birthday breakfast? "Honey, I'll make you whatever you want for your birthday . . . pancakes? Waffles? French Toast? you name it. . . " He wanted peanut butter Captain Crunch . . . on a plate (as in "not in a bowl, Mom, and not with milk on it"). Easy enough! Request granted.


He had decided a long time ago that he wanted a Monster Truck birthday. We made monster truck cookies for everyone at school and then I made a monster truck cake for his party.


Sad thing is, he got sick the night of his birthday, and we had to call everyone and cancel his birthday party. And even sadder, we were going to just have some people over the following weekend, but guess who got sick again? Bless his 4-year-old little heart!

So somewhere between being sick and being able to lift his head, he actually got to blow out his candles, listen to a very off-key Happy Birthday To You, have some cake and open a few presents.


Minus the sick part, I think he enjoyed his birthday. He sure loved his presents, and now he's already trying to figure out what kind of party and cake he wants next year.

Always thinking, this one is . . .

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Cathy said...

What a cute cake. You are a creative mom.