Sunday, March 13, 2011


She shrieked.
I perked up.
She cried hard.
I cuddled her.
She still cried.
I kissed her.
and then wiped the blood away from her forehead.


Baby girl here fell on the toy box this weekend. She's pretty tough though and calmed down as soon as she found out she could have a Hello-Kitty band-aid on her forehead.

Poor baby. We'll see how long she milks this. She's still pulling up her pant leg and showing me a scratch on her knee that she got 2 weeks ago. Each time she tells me the story of how she fell (in detail). Each time she needs a kiss on her boo-boo.

This little injury here made for a nice boo-boo kissin' kind of day.


Marla said...

Awww... Poor kid. I'm glad Hello Kitty an make it all feel better.

Marla @

Cathy said...

Sweet, sweet. And a really cute story. :)