Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Colorful Afternoon

From today, I want to remember . . .

That we finger painted on the deck this afternoon. . .


The way he drew his hot-rod, "Just like the one I'm going to drive one day."

The way her hair fell in her face & had paint in it - and she hardly noticed. . .


The paint (washable - whew!) that was all over their hands . . .


The way they would dip their fingers into one color paint, and then dip them into another color paint . . . and then she'd say "I'm making a rainbow . . . see Mom? . . . a rainbow"


My babies. . . my lovelies . . . my littles. . . growing fast and furious.
We slowed down today to paint, and for almost an hour, time seemed to slow down too as I tried to drink in every last ounce of this moment and the way we are today.

Happy Weekend.

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