Friday, April 10, 2009

The Eight Faces of Baby

Nothing is cuter than a smiling baby. Especially when that baby is yours, and she is without a doubt the cutest almost-11-month-old little girl in the history of the world.

Did I go to far with that?

I've been playing around in Photoshop tonight. A friend of mine has been lucky enough to have me call her a few times a day so her husband can help me navigate around this wide world of computers. I'm still not sure what we did or how we got there, but here are some of the results of my playing around in Photoshop.

Here's my baby. Get used to this picture because you will be seeing a lot of it in this post!
This is the Straight-Out-Of-Camera (SOOC) shot. It's dark and flat - yucky (although she is to die for, I know). Let's brighten and add a little more color and definition. This is partially from a Photoshop Action Set and partially from a little lightening on my part. Not bad. Do you see her little carrot-nose? I just love a little carrot-nose on a cutie baby!
Above is another Photoshop Action. It is very similar to the action above this picture, but just only slightly different. This action was created specifically for portraits to give it a softer more ethereal quality - as if my baby needed to be any more ethereal than she already is!

Here's a black and white Photoshop Action conversion. It's nice, but I think a little flat. I added a little more definition to this photo by darkening the edges. Overall, I think I could do a better job if I would have converted it myself.

Here's a cool Action called "Sunshine." This would obviously work better on an outdoor shot where there is actual, well . . . sunshine.

Here's a faded version of my baby.

Here's a vintage version of my baby.

Those eyes are a little scary, but whatevs - she's still adorable!

Here's an Action that I think is cool called "Heartland." I think it's a nice mix of black and white and vintage sepia toned photos.

Well, that's all for now. If you have Photoshop and you want to play around go to this link and download the actions sets from her Photography section. You'll love them and just might find your self still sitting in the same chair after 2 hours on the computer. But hey, I'm OK with that because I'll never get tired of looking at my baby!

Seriously, can you blame me?

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