Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun with Photoshop

I got a new book today. It's a Photoshop book, and I plan on reading it cover to cover as soon as I get the time to do that. For now, I just scanned some pages that interested me and here is what I came up with . . . .

I took these pictures of the kids a few months ago. Please disregard that dog hair on Harper's chin in some of the pictures - I was just too lazy to edit it out, and well, it is a true representation of her. I mean, we have LOTS of dog hair around here . . . but I digress.

Here are some edited pictures that I did before I got my book - just a few things I've learned - saturating some colors and sharpening some features. Not bad I'm thinking.

Her eyes are AMAZINGLY blue, I know. Yes, I MAY have went a little overboard in the saturation department, but overall, I thought these images turned out nice.

Now, here's the "Trendy" editing from my new book. I can't say that I really LIKE these pictures, but I guess this edit has a place - just not on kids or babies, but I could see how it COULD be cool on some artsy adult photographs.

Dirck said it looked like I took these picture with a really cheap camera!

Now, here's the "Portrait Softening" editing from my new book. I like these two images the best, although I think I may have gone a little overboard in softening the girl's cheeks. Just my thoughts.

I'm still playing and reading up, but which do you like best?

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