Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday Night Football

OK, forget the football. I don't do football. I don't really do feet either, but I do play a mean game of yard ball with my two year old. When I think of Monday Night, this is what usually comes to mind. BUT, instead of watching my husband in his chair yelling expletives at the television tomorrow, here's what I'll be doing . . . . . .


So Excited! P-Dub, here I come!!

See my ticket number? Number 523 - yep, that's me. I'll be the 523rd person in line to have little Mrs. Drummond here sign my book. Is it too much to ask her to write "To Marla, Love Ya More-N-My Luggage" You P-Dub fans out there will know that saying.

If you haven't checked out this lovely little blog, I highly encourage it. Oh wait, I mean DISCOURAGE it - I really don't need anyone else out there to compete against me for one of her mixers, cameras, or pots-n-pans giveaways.

Just google Pioneer Woman ( and enjoy!


Jessica said...

Lucky! Is that a picture of her on the cover? I hope not. If so that woman is perfection. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Yelena R. said...

That's so cool! I would love to meet her someday!