Tuesday, November 17, 2009

P-Dub in 'da House

Yes, I went.

Yes, I saw her.

And listened to her talk . . . and she was fabulous.

And watched her punks duke-it-out on stage.


And watched her Marlboro Man try to sternly discipline them while politely signing pictures of his derriere.


And I saw the women swoon and ogle up at him with their hopeful eyes.


And I saw women swoon and ogle over Ree too, but in a very different way.


And I saw Ree on stage, perfectly composed, signing books and smiling all the while.

And I got my book signed at exactly 11:15pm. . . evidently that's what time #523 gets to have their book signed.

And I got to tell her that I loved her blog - and my husband loved her (even though he has no idea who Pioneer Woman is) because I cook her recipes occasionally now.

And I didn't tell her that she was my Internet Crush. . . But I thought about it.

And I didn't tell her that I was completely star struck by a blog-writing, homeschooling, picture-taking, good-food-cooking housewife from Oklahoma. . . But I thought about it.

And I didn't tell her that even though I know Charlie stinks to high-heaven on most days, I still want to wrap his droopy ears under his chin and rub noses with him. . . But I thought about it.

And I didn't tell her that her little punk asked me if I wanted him to sign my book because he was featured on page 6. And I didn't tell her I got a giggle out of that because I was thinking about the NY Post Page Six and thinking the LAST thing she would probably want is one of her punks featured on Page Six. . . But I thought about it.


And I didn't tell her that I'm completely inspired by her photography. . . But I thought about it.

And I didn't tell her that I've learned so much from her little blog over this past year that I just simply can't put it into words. . . But I thought about it.

And I didn't tell her that I tried to get my own picture of Marlboro Man's derriere, but without those chaps, I just couldn't do it justice . . . Didn't EVEN think about telling her that one.


BUT . . . I did thank her for coming to Kansas City.

And putting up with all us crazy women-folk who follow her fabulous country life.

And for sticking it out until the end - so # 523 could get her book signed, and get a picture with her.


And I walked away happy. Happy that I got to meet the fabulous Pioneer Woman. Happy that she's had so much success with this wonderful little cookbook. Happy to have sat in a room full of people who all felt the same way.

P-Dub, please keep doing what you do.


Oh, and I love you more-n-my luggage too!!


Karen said...

I am so happy for you! I can totally feel how excited you were, are. My son is in the audience in St. Louis at this moment! He is 6' 5" and trying to make his mamma happy. He is attending law school in St. Louis and happened to be talking to me on the phone as he left school tonight. Little did we know her book signing was a mile away! He might be wishing his call had gone to voice mail. LOL He says he is having a great time so far. I keep asking him if he is sure he doesn't need a number but he says no. He is sitting close to the front. Can you tell I am excited? LOL

Jessica said...

This is amazing! I sort of just lived vicariously through you. Thank you for sharing, beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...


Spruce Hill said...

Cool! I wish she wouls come east! I would love to meet her :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Marla: I'm Connie, the journalist who was right in front of you in line with my sister Marcia, the ag journalist from Marshall MO. We enjoyed talking with you in the line and I'm glad I now have the link to your blog. I'm also the one who said if it were me, I'd be throwing books at people by that time of night, rather than graciously meeting every fan with a smile.

Marcia and I also came away with a long list of things we wished we had said/asked....

Great photo of MM and the punks!

Beth Ann said...

I don't know that I could have waited until 11:15 to get my book signed. I mean, I would have, but I would have been so tired and I'm sure I would not have looked as good as you did in my picture with her!

The picture of the girl getting the books signed by MM is my friend that I attended with! She waited in line with both of our books to get him to sign the infamous Wrangler picture!!

Kristi Smith said...

Great blog entry, very cute! I was planning to go to St. Louis, but because of the weather decided not to make the 2 hour trek. Now I wish I would have.