Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love to hear the giggles and squeals coming from the backseat.

Even better,

I love to see HER

laughing at HIM

as if they were the BEST of FRIENDS.


Seriously, this whole motherhood thing keeps getting better everyday.


Cathy said...

That is the most awesome thing. Sometimes after our girls go to bed, they argue, and we have to pull them out of their room and tell them they have to be quiet. But, last night, I was listening at their door and they were singing rounds and laughing together. Such a good moment.

Fotograf Trine Bjervig T√łnsberg Vestfold said...

very sweet children you have:) Beautiful smile on the girl! Great photos.

Catherine Anne said...

Yes it really does. I have an 9, 6 and 2. Being a mother and photographing it on the way has been the best gift! You have beautiful children.