Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yeah . . . What He Said

At the park he was digging in the mulch. I asked if he was a dog digging for a bone. He said, "No, I'm digging for a treasure chest." When I asked him what was in the treasure chest, he got VERY excited and said, "Golden stickers and popsicles and cupcakes. . . and good meat like chicken and pork chops!!"

I overheard him telling his sister "Hi. You're my best friend." It made my heart melt, and then l
ater that day, while sitting in the "time-out" chair, I heard him telling our dog, Maddie the same thing.

He told me he wanted a wildebeest costume for Halloween this year. He says his sister wants an eagle costume.

He understands emotions now. He can tell when I'm frustrated, and he comes up to me and pats me on my leg with a little hug and says "Don't worry, Momma. It's OK."


There are many, many more, but just a few I remembered and wanted to share.

Geez, I just don't think I could love this kid any more!!!