Monday, April 11, 2011

The Fish

Spring is OFFICIALLY here when we make a trip to our favorite plant nursery for peppers and tomatoes.

While there, the kiddos love to watch (and occasionally feed) the fish.

It really is the highlight of their weekend.


My boy was good for 2 solid days at school because he knew he would get to go see the fish on Saturday if he behaved. Yes, we bribe him like that. . . it works . . . about 50% of the time. :)

We got our peppers and tomatoes planted, and I'll be danged, we had a hail storm.

We will be making another trip back to the nursery soon for more plants, and no doubt, this will be another highlight for these munchkins.

I love seeing the world through their eyes, where a simple little trip to the nursery becomes a big, fun adventure.

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Cathy said...

Kids all love Koi. Makes me want to go to the Japanese Garden.