Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love It When She . . .

. . . wants attention, and tells me "I don't feel much good" just so she can have some cuddles.

. . . refers to the polka-dots on her jacket as "Polka-nuts."

. . . cuddles with me at night when we are reading stories, and then wants to read the story back to me . . . and can recite almost every word.

. . . asks me to sing her a song before bed. We have our usuals - You Are My Sunshine, Rock-A-Bye Baby, etc - but she also asks for random stuff like the "Valentine song," so she smiles while I make up words and sing off-pitch melodies.

. . . gives life to inanimate objects. She plays with her brother's tractors, but she gives them each and identity - like the "Mommy" tractor, and the "Baby" tractor - and then she plays with them like they are dolls. I love seeing this difference in my children.

. . . comes home with her daddy from daycare, and runs to give me a hug and tells me "I so much miss you today!"

. . . surprises me everyday with some new word or phrase or action.


2-year-old little girls are simply the sweetest little things in this world!


deb duty said...

I agree, it doesn't get much sweeter than little girls at that age! She's so cute and you captured great photos of them playing.

Cathy said...

Awwww. That's so sweet. She is adorable. I love all the uniquely made up words and songs. Memories for sure. So neat to have them recorded.