Friday, March 27, 2009

His Latest Obesession

I'm told this is a DeKeyser trait.

He's in full concentration mode, with that tongue stuck out to help him. The tongue helps you think. The tongue helps you stay focused. The tongue is something I've seen Dirck's father do when he's measuring for cabinets or deep in thought. I guess it skips a generation because I've never seen Dirck do it. It's involuntary and quirky, and on my baby, it is beyond cute.

Please forgive these blurry images - they are extreme close-ups, and my zoom lens just isn't THAT good (does anyone read this and think "Christmas Gift 2009?")

Well, he's doing something that he LOVES! He talks about it when he first wakes in the morning, when he's riding to and from his babysitters, when he's taking a bath and he even talks about it when he's in bed at night.

You know that time when he's in his room alone and in his bed right before he falls asleep. He's singing and talking about random things and occasionally I will hear something recognizable come out of his mouth on the baby monitor (yes, I still have a monitor on in his room - he's a big boy, but still my baby). I love this time. I love to hear him speak his own nonsensical language. It's funny and cute and sweet and I love it!

Anyway, back to the business at hand. . . . . Have you guessed what he's doing?

Here's a hint . . . He does it with his Daddy and it makes my heart melt to see.
Well, here it is. He's a country-boy-wannabe - guess he gets that from my side and Dirck's side of the family!

"Greyson Drive Tractor!" - it's repeated in my ear several times a day, and I know plays through this kid's mind hundreds of times. I'm sure he even dreams about it. He lives to drive that thing, and it must be a lot of work because he sure is concentrating! I guess he's just a farm boy at heart. Ride on little man - Ride on!

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Anonymous said...

How cute....and love the story to go with it. Tell Greyson that Nana said she was surprised that he could drive the tractor so well. Go Greyson!

Love Nana