Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Visitor

I came home last night and Dirck met me at the door to tell me we had a VISITOR on the back deck. I looked out there, and here is what I saw. . . .
He's beautiful, right? And he is a good dog (you know how I feel about good dogs). I went out and put a collar on him and walked him over the the neighbor's house, but they didn't know who he belonged to either.

My kids adored him. They squealed and laughed whenever he would come to the door and look in.

You know he's got to be lost. This dog is loved - he's well taken care of - and he's such a sweetie. It makes me a little sad to think there is a family out there upset because they can't find their baby.

Dirck said "Don't feed him", so I only gave him 3 scoops of food - I couldn't stand to watch him cry and drool as our dogs were eating. It stormed last night and sadly he was gone when I woke this morning. I can only hope that he found his family. If he comes back, do you think I could talk Dirck into another dog?

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Teresa said...

So, I see you are like me...you always do exactly as your husband says ;0)