Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Pumpkins

Nothing says Fall like a visit to a pumpkin patch. However, our pumpkin patch turned out to be a single row of pumpkins because the farmer that used to grow them decided he needed to retire. Good for him, but it would have been nice to know before we drove out to his farm. Yes, that's me being selfish because I had emptied my memory card and charged the battery in my camera in hopes of getting the kiddos picking their perfect pumpkin.


Anyhoo, my kids didn't notice at all. They ran up and down the lonely row of pumpkins and even got to see some chickens, cows, and much to my little guy's excitement . . . a lawn mower! Yes, good times here in the Midwest.


Now, I don't know if we will get adventuresome enough to carve the pumpkins, but if we do, you can bet that my camera will be ready!


Jessica said...

I absolutely LOVE the effect that your photos have. So timeless and beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

I love the composition and the processing on that first pumpkin!!!!! I have a quick question....did you design templates for all the collages on your blog...or did you buy them somewhere....cuz...I love them! :)