Monday, October 26, 2009

This Little Stinker!

It's been so cold and rainy here lately. Yesterday was such a lovely little break. It was a nice relatively warm day, so we took advantage of the daylight and went to the park to play.

My littlest one here is WAY too cool to look at me when I have my camera. I'm lucky to get a shot of her face at all.


Usually my pictures all look like this . . .


Or this . . .


Or, I just give up on catching all the sparkles in her bright shiny blue eyes and settle for a picture like this . . .


And once in a while, if I'm quick (I mean SUPER quick), I can catch her looking at me. It lasts for only a second, and there is no opportunity for a do-over. Thank goodness I have Photoshop to help me make my blah little pictures something I want to look at over and over!


I sure do love this little stinker!


Twix said...

And she loves you too! She looks so much like her big bro in that last photo...all serious. My mom is going in for major sx tomorrow morning. They think she has another tumor and if it is related to the one she had 5 years ago it is not an invasive type of cancer and should not need further treatment.
Love and miss you lots!

way outnumbered said...

Fabulous photos!! I love how you tell the story with your photos too...the good ones and the bad ones:) Thanks for the kind comments on my blog, it's so fun to learn together! Love how you've framed your photos, I need to learn how to do that...adorable daughter too!