Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Last Hurrah

We took our final trip of the season to the petting zoo last week. It will be closing at the end of next month for the winter, so the kids and I headed there so we could get our baby goat fix - and boy, did we ever! I was so surprised that my littlest one did not try to drink that bottle - yes, she's over a year old, but I just can't seem to take away her morning and night bottle, and her bottle looks a lot like that little goat's bottle. She knew though . . . she knew it wasn't for her, and she took great pride in feeding those goats. She would give a little bit to one goat, and then take it away to find another goat, and so on, and so forth . . . My boy fed them his bottle, but as soon as the goats started jumping on each other and butting each other out of the way to get to the bottle, he decided he had enough and went to sit on that poor, poor little goat that you see here in the picture. Don't worry, I shooed him off the goat as soon as I snapped this picture! My little lady cried when we left. Wait, that's not right . . . . she SCREAMED like I was pinching her as hard as I could (I wasn't) or like she had just fallen and busted her nose (she didn't). She's becoming quite the dramatic little actress these days! I wonder if that comes from Dirck's side of the family - surely it's not from me???


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