Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Man

He gets annoyed with me, I'm sure.

I can't remember a conversation we had a week ago, a month ago or a year ago. I'm forgetful like that I suppose.

And then . . . there's this little camera in his face at least a few times a week. He thinks I have plenty of pictures of him . . . and the kids . . . "Do you really need another picture of him/her watching TV?"

Well. . . um . . . yes. Yes I do.

I know too well that I'm forgetful. I wish I weren't, but I am. If I don't take care of something right away, or if I don't write it down, it gets filed away in that little Rolodex in my head never to be found again.

So you see . . . I need this camera. I need to take pictures of silly little events that are of no major importance. I need to document little things like playing with cars or sitting with dad, or even watching TV. I don't want to forget ANYTHING - and yet, I know I will. I snap these pictures so I will always have something tangible to hold, and hopefully always remember these documented little times that I find so precious right now.


So to my husband, thank you for allowing me to capture a few of these moments with you in them.

Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

I love this picture. It is really a loving moment that will last forever in your little man's heart. So sweet.

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for your recommendation. I did not know there was a free version of noiseware. I am right with you on taking lots and lots of pictures. They change so fast and life goes by so fast...I wish I had more pictures from when the older girls were littler.

Have a Merry Christmas.