Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Visit With Santa

We've never done this.

This was our first time.

Visiting Santa is not something I have done in years past because I was always worried that it would be a little traumatic for the kiddos. I can't say they really LIKE when strangers talk to them - let alone letting a complete stranger hold them.

This is how I envisioned our meeting with him going . . . . (no, this is not my little one).


I was right there waiting to whisk them away if they started bawling because some strange man in a red velour jumpsuit was holding them (who wouldn't be a little creeped out by that?).
But here's what happened . . .


They saw Santa, and wouldn't look away. As a matter of fact, my little man tried to climb OUT of the cart so he could go talk to him.

Once in his lap, they weren't too keen on the idea of smiling for the camera.


I was sure that my little lady was about to fall apart, and although I knew she didn't much care for him . . . she held it together. Such a big girl!


My little man got to tell Santa he wanted a treaded tractor, and my little lady didn't pull his beard out - life was good when we left - not to mention they both got candy canes. My little man already wants to go back, and although my little lady didn't say, I'm sure she'd go back if she could have another candy cane.


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures.

Cathy said...

The look on your little girl's face is priceless. :)