Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Habits

Maybe it's not wise to teach them about poker chips and dice.

Maybe we should have at least waited until they were 5. You know, more mature . . .


Luckily, all they like to do is stack them and knock them down.

We are still snowed in here - and it's not pretty snow - it's damp and wet and cold and muddy in places. The temperature fluctuates from below freezing to above freezing. This makes for some wonderful yard muck!

I'm so ready for Spring!!


Cathy said...

Your kids are precious as always. I love it when kids are so intent with stacking and arranging. My first was like that. I think my third might have been, but she follows my second who is strictly a "runner and knocker over".

We have had like zilch snow this year. Well, we got a couple inches that lasted a couple of hours back in December but that was it. Even the mountains are without snow. It's El Nino out here.

April said...

What a fun idea for entertainment! On top of it, they sure do make for a fun color on the camera!! We are getting incredibly squirly here too and my kids are daily begging for spring. I don't remember them being so bothered about winter as they are this year!