Sunday, February 28, 2010

On a Cold Saturday Morning

Normally, I'm not big on inside play areas.

I feel that playing in them is like turning my kids loose in a giant version of a petri dish inoculated with every strain of bacteria and virus know to man. Paranoid, much? ? ?

BUT, with our cold weather and the walls closing in on us during the weekends, I'm willing to battle some sniffles and snot in order to let my kids run around for an hour or so. And really, it's good for their long term immunity, right?. . . . Right?

Enter: Chick-Fil-A Early Saturday Mornings.

We get there early - like as soon as the kiddos get up, we get dressed and go. This ensures a few things . . .

1. We are usually one of a handful of people in the whole joint. This gets us less looks when the kids are yelling that they want to go play, and I'm yelling that they have to eat their food first.

2. We are usually the only family in the play area, so it's easier to keep my kids in check and under control (i.e. I can keep up with them and climb up into the structure to get them if need be).

And finally . . .

2. First kids in the play area = less recent germs sitting around waiting to jump on my children. Paranoid, much??? yes.

That being said, here's a few images from our weekend outing.

Shoes off = fun climbing and sliding.


My boy loves the slide. This one makes cool noises and music as he slides down. Makes him rush back up and slide down again. He says he's brave when he slides down on his tummy.


My little lady isn't keen on the slide. She likes to climb, but gets inside the tubes and gets upset and climbs down. Hit repeat 20 times, and this is how she spends her hour playing. . .


I promise I'm not passing my germaphobia on to my children. . . . BUT. . . here they are with the restaurant supplied antibacterial tissues wiping down the play area. I didn't tell them to do this. It was their idea, I promise. . .


Fun times here, but we're getting a little stir-crazy. Spring is only 3 weeks away, right?


April said...

That is really fun!!! We are indeed germaphobes and can't stop! In fact if we could talk ourselves into going to a play area I would be constantly squirting their hands with germ killer! In any case, I am relieved that the opposition to nasty germs is not just my concern too :)!

I love that the kids have fun anyway and you got some great shots too!

Cathy said...

No, you are not paranoid. Unless it's summer, my kids almost always get sick immediately following visits to "play places". It looks like they had a ball, however. It makes it worth it every once in a while, doesn't it?