Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wet Faces and Wrinkly Feet

They love the bathtub.

And as of late, they seem to love each other in the bathtub . . . together . . . as in friends . . . as in hugging and laughing and smiling and playing.

Again, did I already say TOGETHER? This makes a momma proud.

My little man has many faces for my camera in the tub. He's wondering if he really has to endure ANOTHER hug from his sister in the top image. The others are just silliness . . . just like him.


My little lady is the one that starts the hugging. She's just a natural born smiler . . . and lover. Lord, help me when she's a teenager.


These two make bath time fun. It truly is one of my favorite times of the day. Even if they have been little stinkers all day, fill a tub with some water, and watch the bad moods fade.

And the smiles begin . . .


And after a long time in the tub, my boy announces that his feet and hands are all wrinkly, so that must mean bath time is over.


The end of bath time would sadden me, but I know there's another one coming soon . . . and I know I'll get to watch my boy run around our bedroom in sheer naked bliss for about 10 minutes, and that is another thing that cracks me up . . . but, that's a post for another day (with some carefully edited photos . . . ).


Lindsay Ernst said...

OMG I LOVE the wrinkly toes...just precious!

And yes TRA is AWESOME!! I definitely don't regret the purchase. I use one or more on every image and it really makes a huge difference!

Jessica said...

Bathtime is also my favorite part of the day. My kids are also starting to really enjoy eachother too- and it's like magic :)

Way to capture! ALso? That raisin foot at the end is fantastic.

Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

Love this post....the wrinkly toes and that pic of your die for!