Monday, July 27, 2009


We just returned from a nice little family trip (I will be posting photos soon :) ), and I want to introduce you to our roomies. We bunked with Dirck's sister and her family. Here are some pictures of the world's best babysitters (in no particular order . . . )!

Meet Claire.
She's patient and kind and gentle, and my daughter is so in love with her! Even when she lets no one else hold her, she always goes to Claire.


Meet Matthew.
He's a rock-n-roll, surfer, swimmer, basketball kind of guy (does that cover everything?), and even better than all this, he is incredibly patient with my two little ones. They adore "Maf-few", and Matt is such a dear by being so good to them.


Meet Emma.
She's the spunky counterpart to Claire and Matthew. My little ones love to play with Emma. Emma's such an observant gal - she pays such good attention to my little ones and lets me know exactly how they are doing.


It is SO GOOD to be home, but I'm really going to miss our AWESOME babysitters!


Twix said...

I hope you guys had a great time and the car ride was easy both ways. I bet you are gonna miss those babysitters.

Anonymous said...

Such good pictures of Claire, Matthew and Emma. I am sure Greyson and Harper loved having them with them. They are wonderful kids!

Jennifer Urbin said...

oooooh I love all of these...their eyes all sparkle and I really love the conversion!