Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sports-In-Action - I Heart Faces Challenge

Here's a shot of my 2 year old son with his brand new golf club. I think he looks so much like "Happy Gilmore" here - for sure it's more hockey than golf, but I figure he's learning and having fun - what more could a mom ask for?


There's only a sliver of face in here, but I couldn't resist posting this anyway. If you would like to see more sports-in-action photos, head on over to I Faces .


Buckeroomama said...

My son was holding his golf club that way, too!

Nice shot.

Charisse said...

Maybe he would prefer to play that other game with the little upside down horse shoes and the bigger ball...what's that game called?

He looks so cute and intent on making sure he hits the ball, though. SO cute.

Charisse said...

Thx for coming by...the worst part about dropping my camera in the pool would have been that it is actually my CELLPHONE!!! EEK!!! I would have been so lost...but she was just so cute and it was just me & her and no other way to get the shots. :-)

Kate - k8tography said...

Tiger Woods in the making! This is super cute and love the angle of the shot (and the angle of his club!!!)