Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Cute Girls

I had the opportunity to photograph some super cute girls a few weeks ago. We had a fun time hanging out at the park.

Meet Cate.

Serious Cate

She's two years old, and quite a girly-girl.

Smiling Cate

She likes tu-tu's and princess stuff, and we had a great time roaming around the park. Isn't she a cute little fairy princess?

Magical Cate

Look at those polished piggies! Can you imagine any other 2 year old sitting still long enough to let someone give them a pedicure? Yep, for sure a girl's girl!

Painted Toes

Meet Ella.

Serious Ella

She's the 4 year old big sister.

Smiling Ella

She likes horses and alligators, and we had a very fun time playing at the playground at the park.

Climbing Ella

Can you believe these boots? I wish I had some like this. They were quite the fashion statement with her sparkly pink bow shirt and flowing pink skirt. I love that kids just wear what they love - it makes taking pictures of them so much fun.

Cowgirl Boots

It was great working with this family. I hope they enjoy these pictures.
I sure enjoyed my time in the park with them!


Twix said...

OMG! Those are some of the best pictures I have seen. Really love both B&W and the tutu one. Whose girls are these? Anyone I know? Good to see you today but I still miss you lots!

Grampy Buck said...

WOW! WOW! these are my Granddaughters, sure are beautiful. You did a GREAT! job; cant wait to see the rest Keep up the good work. Very Professional Thank You

Anonymous said...

These are my grandbabies too! These are the best shots I have seen. You have a real talent. Mandy shared the others with us. I have never seen anyone out there capture kids as well as you seem to. Thank you we will tresure these photos forever..

Paw Paw Mike Reeves , Mandy's Dad