Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My mom found some princess pajamas on super sale. I think she paid $1 for them - she had to get them of course! Problem is they are size 4's. My baby girl is barely a size 2, so it may be a while before she fits into her pajamas. I washed them anyway and put them away in a drawer so they will be ready for her when she hits that growth spurt. Well, guess who happens to wear a size 4 pajama and guess who happened to have all dirty pajamas earlier this week? Not me - I'm way beyond a size 4!
I figure he has no idea that pink princess pajamas may not be the coolest for a little boy to wear. I also thought it might be fun to have this picture one day when he's a big strapping young man. I also think Dirck will forever be ashamed that I put his son in our daughter's hand-me-up pajamas!

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