Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She Wants To Play Too!!

So while her brother was busy this weekend playing golf, my little girl here decided that she would try to play a little Tee-Ball.
So she picks up the ball. . . .
Tries to place it on the tee . . . .
Decides that she can't reach it unless she stands up (and let's face it, that's just WAY TOO MUCH work!), so she takes the tee out of the stand. . . . .
But now the ball won't stay on the top of the tee, so she decides it fits better on the bottom of the stand. It's more on her level now, you know?
There I times I think she is such a little girly thing - hugging her dolls and stuffed animals, patting them on the back, kissing them, and then there are times like this where I think she's going to be my little tom-boy.
Either one is fine with me - as long as I get to keep on being her momma!

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