Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Little Twinkle

I was trying to catch a nice little sun-flare through the trees with this picture. I think I captured a nice one, however my photo was HORRIBLY under exposed. I lightened and brightened as best I could, but of course it's a bit (OK, it's A LOT, I know) grainy. I think it gives it a retro seventies kinda feel.
Anyway, I wanted to post this picture because I still think it's a sweet shot. These two were on their way inside after an evening of racing and playing in the yard. He's a Daddy's boy for sure!

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Twix said...

I like does give it a retro feel. Reminds me of the boxes of pics at packed away somewhere at Grandma's house. It is great to be able to watch the kiddos grow up this way rather than through description only. Thanks! ~Twix