Thursday, September 10, 2009

CoffeeShop - Why I Love It

I love CoffeeShop. Wait, let me say that louder . . . I LOVE COFFEESHOP!!!! What is CoffeeShop you ask? Well, it's a great blog that offers TONS of great advice for digital photographers - from blogging to Photoshop, it covers everything. What's great is that Rita - the mastermind behind CoffeeShop - is so generous with everything she knows about photography - she posts all kinds of free actions, templates, storyboards - you name it! I credit this site for a lot of what I've learned about Photoshop and photo editing in general. I've learned so much from her and look forward to reading this blog daily for any new hints/tips/techniques that she has posted.
She has recently been getting her feet wet with blog design, and she is holding a contest for a free blog design. It would be awesome to win. If you are interested, just click the button below and follow the rules to enter the contest. Even if you don't win or even enter the contest, you will find this blog to be such a helpful resource. Enjoy (and keep your fingers crossed that I win!)! :)

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