Saturday, September 5, 2009


He sees his Daddy's Tee-Shirt - he points to the powercat on the front and lets us know "That's a Wildcat!" I would say he loves the Kansas State Wildcats, but really, I think he just loves his Daddy. We remembered that his Grandma had given him a sweat suit for his birthday that was a wee bit too big at the time, so we thought we'd bring it out and see if it fit. He put it on, and was transformed into an Olympic track star. Really, we couldn't get him to stop running, and he kept saying "I'm a Wildcat, I'm a Wildcat!"


As we were pulling out his sweatsuit from the drawer, I found this jersey tucked away beside it - also a gift to my little man from his Grandma. He's long outgrown this little jersey, but my girl . . . it fits her perfectly.


Fall football season is among us, and I know my husband is REALLY wanting his beloved Wildcats to do well this year. Maybe my monkeys in full Wildcat gear can help make that possible!

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