Monday, September 14, 2009

Location! Location! Location!

That's what they say in real estate, right? Well, it's pretty much the same in photography. I found the COOLEST spot, and I am DYING - let me say again DYING - to take some cool pics with some of this graffiti in the background. AND . . . I'm taking this cause to my blog . . . .

If you know anyone (yourself included) that would like to have some portraits done - kids, senior photos, rockin' babies, hip and happenin' pups, families, engaged couples or even the married kind, just let me know. I wouldn't charge a thing - you (or they) would just have to be willing to spend a few hours with me and be patient with me as I play with some camera settings. And, even better - I'd give you all the fully edited photos on a CD and you can do whatever you wish with the photos - facebook, print 'em out - whatever!


Seriously, I LOVE this background, and I've been dreaming of using it ever since I found it last week! There's lots of cool doors, fire escapes and old brick in the same area that would make for some really cool photos. Please pass this along to anyone that might be interested or leave me a comment if you'd like it too!!!!

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