Thursday, September 10, 2009


If you have a baby boy, then go ahead and start getting yourself prepared. I recommend purchasing a book with all the tractors/construction vehicles/emergency vehicles in it and start memorizing the names of these right now. Before you know it, he will know them all, have them memorized, and talk constantly about each of these things.

My little guy lives for these things. A great day is when we are driving and see an excavator or a roller or a backhoe loader. Don't know what these things are? Well, you will if you have a little guy like mine. Not only does he like to watch construction vehicles, but he likes to play with them as well.

He's an expert backhoe driver . . .


We went to the library earlier this week, and guess what he picked . . . . no shock here . . . .


Two cute little books - one about a dirty backhoe loader, and another about ancient dinosaur-trucks that ruled the prehistoric world. Both with some great illustrations.


This is his favorite page in the DinoTrux book. I think because the Cementosaurus is pooping, and that seems to be a source of both anguish and relief in our house right now.


Yes, little boys love their toys. But be careful if you have a little girl that's younger than your little guy - because she watches and takes mental notes and loves what her brother loves. AND - she happens to be an expert driver of this backhoe as well. . .



ssefchick said...

Oh I love this. Good advice, I better start learning about all that "boy stuff". I like how you took pictures of the books too - they turned out great with the shots of the munchkins on that backhoe thingy.

Marla said...

He's adorable.

You should see me when I'm trying to understand what my farmer boyfriend's family is talking about. There is combines, tractors (all of which have their own complicated name- 1440 EXO 234, etc), drills, landalls, etc.

I just keep quiet and try to figure out what they are talking about. :)