Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1,095 days

A few things I've learned about this little guy in the three years I've gotten to know him . . .

He likes:
his blankie
his hood up on his jacket
tractors and 4-wheeled things
dancing to the guitar music from his monster truck
saying "banana pants" and laughing
a good book
going to Costco and the park (not necessarily in that order)
running around the house naked after bath time

He dislikes:
nap time
wake-up time
being told "No" or "Stop" or "Eat your food"
watching the weather channel
his little sister most of the time
sharing with his sister
putting his pajamas on after bath time


And a few things I've learned about myself . . .

I like:
watching him
holding him
kissing him
dancing with him
reading to him
eating chocolate with him
playing with him
tickling him
laughing with him

I dislike:
knowing that he'll grow out of all this one day.

My baby boy is three. My tiny, smooshy faced little baby boy is three and having conversations with me and telling me about his day in daycare and picking out his own clothes.

And although I love the little guy he is and is becoming, I really miss that rubber-band armed, pot-bellied, round faced little cuddly baby boy. I'm wondering where all the time went? Three years . . . 156 weeks . . . 1,095 days . . . 26,280 hours . . . .

So hard to believe.

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