Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man!

This kid would live on a John Deere if it came equipped with a bed, bathroom and some food.

I'm almost certain he loves a John Deere tractor as much as he loves me and Dirck . . . possibly even more.

That's fine with me. There are worse things in this world, right?

And he gets it honestly . . . from Dirck who rides the John Deere lawn mower every summer . . . and from my father's side of the family - who were farmers in Mississippi and have a few green and yellow tractors parked in the barn.

He watched me frost part of this cake and gave directions where he saw fit . . . "Get the yellow now, Mom" . . . "You need to put more black on these wheels . . . these wheels here" . . . .

Yes, Sir - it is your party after all.

And of course, he wanted the big black tire for his piece of cake. Although very pretty, I don't even want to begin to tell you what that frosting looks like once it's digested . . . Let's just say that changing my girl's diaper has proven very interesting and colorful today!! :)


Yes, it took a little time to make, but the second he saw it all assembled and he smiled and said "Thank you Momma for my John Deere cake," . . . I could have just melted right there. That's all I want or need in this world.



Yelena R. said...

Oh wow! That's awesome! Love all the details :)

Anonymous said...

I sure he was one happy little 3 year old. (love the black smile) Loved the cake and the cookies too....down to the green candles! Good job!

Maryvel said...

Awesome! I remember those days when my boy used to love tractors! Though in his case it was International! And to answer your question about the Sigma lens, so far, so good. I have had it for only a week or so now and just took a few pictures with it, but I really like the dept of field, sharpness and brightness! It is half price of the exact same Nikon lens!

Zee said...

This is just fantastic!!!

Cheera said...

This tractor cake is JUST what I'm looking to do for my son's 2nd birthday! Would you PLEASE send me details for how you made it??
Thanks so much!!