Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Art

Here's my kiddo's latest creation, and the sweet colored bath tub soap that helped them make it - oh, and the cute little artist's pallet. It's brilliant. . . . the artistic creation of course . . . not the artist's pallet.


I had to crop out the murky looking water from the bottom of their creation. It was disturbing, and I don't want you to think I bathe my children in dirty pond water. Evidently, mixing 5 different colors of soap-paint does that to a tub of bathwater.

They were excited to try it out, and once in the tub, not only did they make "art" on the side of the tub, but they made "art" on their chests and bellies. My little lady even helped make my boy's "art." He was cool with that (for once).


This is my most recent favorite picture of them together, and I'm not sure why. It speaks to me - and maybe just me - but I love it though.


Really, really, really love it . . . . and love them.

I'm looking forward to watching them make more "art" soon! My boy got some blue soap on my sock and told me I had "art" on my sock.

See, it's not clumsy messiness . . . it's "ART," and I love it!


Marcina said...

How fun!

I love the last picture too. So sweet! :)

Cathy said...

Totally cute. You've gotta just love bath times with little ones and you've gotta just love their fascination with colors and free art.