Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I heart faces "We Are Family" Challenge

This is my family - snoozing and vegging out after a long Christmas break.


This, to me is family . . . a real moment when all my husband wanted to do was get a few extra Z's, and the all the kids really wanted was to snuggle up in Momma and Daddy's bed and watch a little Dora.

To see more family pictures, head on over to I heart faces.


Dot O said...

Really precious!! Funny how we don't mind taking photos like this that include our husbands, but would probably have their heads if they dared to take a similar photo of us!

Abby Izor said...

OMGOSH! This photo is so funny. I thought you took a photo of my bedroom this morning. ;) Great shot.

Lindsay Ernst said...

Thanks for stopping by Marla!! Yes this is normally a forced moment, unless bedtime they will always give hugs and kisses. So dont' be fooled they are still two toddlers in their terrible 3's and 2's :-) I love this picture!

Karli said...

LOVE this picture. Dad is sooooooooo tired!!!