Sunday, January 31, 2010


This face is getting a lot of "face" time around here.


She's 20 months, and becoming quite the little independent soul.

Oh . . . and a drama queen . . . she's becoming one of those too.

Regardless, I love this little independent queenie!

Don't be alarmed - I only took away my toothbrush that she was gnawing away on . . . this was her reaction. . . she's fine, just a little emotional, that's all.


Marcina said...

She's adorable! Such a beautiful little girl :)

Twix said...

Sheesh! She is getting in to good oral hygiene and you take away the tooth brush? What is wrong with you? Love the photo!
PS: I'm in a contest and would love for you to vote for me but you only have until tomorrow around 4.
PSS: I do look at every post even tho I don't comment on them all. Gma is doing pretty good after this round of chemo last week. That makes us all happy.

Cathy said...

Love this picture. I think all toddlers are full of this kind of emotion. She sure is cute.