Thursday, January 7, 2010


These were her brother's Christmas pajamas last year, and they became my little lady's pajamas a few months ago.


Poor pajamas. Sadly, this is the fate of most of the hand-me-down clothing around here.


I'm just glad both my babies got to wear these pajamas and that I have pictures to remember.


She's changed quite a bit in one short year, don't you think?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Marla, I LOVE your pictures. You do a great job. The children are growing up so fast. So glad I got to see them in July. Happy New Year.

Ms Debi

Jessica said...

I absolutely love that pic of the three of you in the stripey jammies! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!

courtney bowlden said...

this picture is beautiful!

Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

marla darling thanks for commenting on my blog....i'm so glad that i haven't officially lost all my readers. taking such a long break from blogging is never a good idea. i just wanted to tell you that the black and white pic of your little girl is absolutley die for....please tell me you have that displayed in your house somewhere in a very large way....i'm drooling over here!

Zee said...

Stunning photo and great post processing!