Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, he's not ALWAYS cooperative for the camera.

Actually, it's darn-near a miracle that I ever get him to look at me when I have the camera in my hand . . . I'm not sure how he's developed this aversion? ;)


That's OK though because I like to take pictures of him when he's not posing for me. And honestly, my kids rarely pose. Oh yeah, they may, every-once-in-a-while, stomach the courage to sit with their arm around each other for a picture - and I may get lucky.


But they don't always turn out exactly as I dreamed in my head when setting up the shot.

But again, that's OK because they are just being themselves, and really, I can't wish for anything more than that.

Not waiting for the perfect moment for my little man to look at me has allowed me to get - in my personal mommy opinion - some great shots of him.

Like this one. I love his eyelashes and the way he was just laying on the bed here. Normally, I wouldn't have taken a picture like this, but I'm so glad I did.


And this one. I really wanted him to look at me for this picture, but he was too preoccupied looking out the window, and again, I love how this image turned out . . . and this is him. Really him. And I love that.


Of course, this is really him too. And, he's actually looking at me in this image. And I love it . . . and him.


I guess the whole point of my rambling post is to say that even when he or she or anyone isn't cooperating, I'm OK with that. I enjoy observing and documenting them just as they are. I think we should all encourage each other as well as our children to be ourselves (themselves) and be OK with being less than perfect.

Because imperfect is often the most perfect way to be. . .

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