Sunday, May 24, 2009


I went all out tonight. I made homemade Bolognese sauce with homemade noodles. Ambitious, I know! Delicious, it was!

Here's the Bolognese sauce . . . .

Here are the Noodles . . . . . .

Is your mouth watering yet?

Can you believe 2 whole cups of this went into the sauce?

Did I mention it was delicious? Did I mention that I drank the rest of what was in the bottle? Did I also mention that I felt much like the name on the label of the bottle after I drank it???

Here's the kicker . . . . . My kids LOVED it! They cleaned their plates!

That made me smile (or was that all the wine. . . I forget. . . . )

My girl would open her mouth like a little bird when she saw me eating the noodles from my plate.

The boy just ate his food in relative silence (relative is a relative word, you know. . . . )
It's fun to try new things when I have the time to do it. I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!


Twix said...

You wake up with a headache this mornin?

Anonymous said...

I bet you use this recipe again so you drink the rest of the wine again(he,he)Patty B