Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Dirty Children

Dinner time can be a mix of emotions.

We have a one year old who has decided that baby food is for . . . well . . . . babies. She purses her lips and waves her hands. She ends up wearing more of the jar food than actually goes in her mouth.

We have a big boy who is learning to assert his independence. Sometimes this means refusing to eat. Sometimes this means throwing his food on the floor only to have the dogs gobble it up quickly and then he screams and cries like they just ate his very favorite flavor of ice cream right out of his hand.

It's a chaotic zoo around here sometimes.

But it's wonderful.

Luckily, bath time is right after dinner. They need it, right?

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Twix said...

That last picture is great! Did you take it with your new lens?