Monday, May 25, 2009

Teeth Brushin' Time!

The boy got a new electric tooth brush in his Easter basket this year. This made brushing his teeth so much easier! He actually likes to do it now. Yay! The only problem was my baby girl always wanted his tooth brush. She has a cute little pink baby tooth brush, but she would purse her lips together and turn her face any time I came near her with the brush. But the boy's tooth brush. . . . . . well, she would try to get it from me, and she would open her mouth and lean into me when I was brushing his teeth as if to say "Me next Momma - Please!" So I broke down today and got her her own pretty pink electric tooth brush.
She thought she was big stuff.

The boy had to supervise her to make sure she was doing it correctly.

"Do it like this. . . . "

He even thought he would do a little tutorial on Maddie, but Maddie didn't want any of that! And when we went to take it away from her, she pulled it out of our hands as if to say "I'm not done yet!"

Yeah, I think teeth-brushin' time is about to get a lot easier around here!

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