Saturday, May 9, 2009


We are reading the cutest book called Mud!

Mud on the puddle.
Mud on the shoe.
Mud on the sock.
Mud on you!

Mud on your hands
Mud on your toes.
Mud on your cheeks.
Mud on your nose.

Mud, mud everywhere!

This could very well be my little guy's favorite book - he has it memorized. How appropriate that his Aunt Denise and Cousin Emma gave him some bath-time mud. Really it's soap, but man, does it look and feel like the real stuff! It came with a little shovel, and he is really enjoying scooping it out and rubbing it on himself.

I think this is funny because he does NOT like to be dirty. When we are playing ball with the dogs, he will pick up the ball and then immediately throw it down if it has slobber on it. He then comes to find us to wipe off his hands!

I'm so glad this is only soap! I hope he doesn't start acting like the little boy in his story that gets the real stuff all over himself!

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