Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Cars? My Cars???

This little bucket here is where we usually keep all of the little man's cars - hot wheels, tractors, vans, whatever - I don't know why we started using a watering can, but it's what we had and I guess it just became his "car carrier."
On Friday night, my little guy was walking around with this little empty bucket saying "My Cars? My Cars?" Dirck and I asked each other if we had seen where all his cars went. Neither of us had. We assumed they were in the bottom of the toy box or neatly arranged underneath the dining room table or maybe in a drawer somewhere in the boy's room. We did not however, expect to find them like this:
This is from our Television console. This hole has a little metal top, and I guess the hole is there so you can run cables, etc through the table. I've noticed that he has been playing with this little metal top alot lately, and I just happened to get a glimpse of something colorful inside the hole.
Closer examination proved that not just a few cars, but ALL his cars were stashed away inside this hole. The little monkey must have put them there for safekeeping (probably to keep them away from his sister).
Well, order has been restored. The cars are safely back in their rightful place, and the little man has been playing with them all day!

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